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JSON Editor

Editor for experienced users who have experience with the structure of JSON objects.

Working with the JSON Editor

All the changes are made to the current table version.
There are no limitations in creating Input/Output model. A model can have unlimited root objects and unlimited children.
Make sure you're saving your changes by pressing the
button in the bottom right corner.

Creating a Model

The Model has the same structure as a tree and should be written in JSON format. There are root objects that contain children, but only leaf objects (objects without children) can be selected as variables.

There is only one option on how to create a leaf object:

  • Object with empty {}: "object": {}
Arrays and values are not allowed.

Example of a simple model with leaves only:

"distance": {},
"tariff": {},
"weight": {},
"longestSide": {}

Example of a complex model:

"delivery": {
"distance": {
"car": {},
"ship": {},
"plane": {}
"tariff": {}
"package": {
"weight": {},
"longestSide": {}

Beautify Code

The button
will change your written code to a better readable format.
This functionality is especially useful when copying and pasting JSON from another source or window on your device.