Logging options

DecisionRules has a simple and technology-independent logging system that logs simply to STDOUT. You can still process this standard output in all modern logging add-ons that you use in your infrastructure.

How to change logger type

The type of logger that is going to be chosen is decided by environment variable. This variable called LOGGER_TYPE takes a string as a parameter with name of the logger you desire to use.




This logger outputs data in JSON structure consisting of:

  • timestamp

  • severity

  • message

Resulting into following object:

 "timestamp":"2021-05-24 17:13:04.744+02:00",
 "message":"System listening on port TCP 8080"


Outputs data a string format that consist of:

  • timestamp

  • severity

  • message

Data are always in format [YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ] <SEVERITY> MESSAGE

Note that the message does not necessarily need to end with \n

Example output for this logger is:

[2023-02-02T08:51:39.743Z] <INFO> DecisionRules server listening on the port 8080

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