Rule Comparison

Some types of rules support a comparison feature, letting you easily identify differences between two separate rules or rule versions.

Only Decision Tables and Scripting Rules currently support comparison, with Decision Trees comparison under development.

Read more about the comparison of the specific rule types in the articles below.

pageDecision Table ComparisonpageScripting Rule Comparison

Accessing Comparison

Only users subscribed to the Large plan and above can benefit from the rule comparison feature.

Only rules of the same type can be compared to each other (i.e. Tables to Tables, Scripts to Scripts).

To enter the rule comparison view, right-click on a rule in the Folders menu and choose 'Compare'.

You will be presented with a pop-up screen where the Original rule will have been filled in with the rule you triggered comparison on. Next you should choose which rule to compare the Original rule to (i.e. choose the Reference rule).

After choosing the reference rule, click the Compare button.

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