Rule State

*Applies to all Rule types - Decision Rules, Scripting Rules and Rule Flows

The two rule states

Every Rule (Decision Rule/Scripting Rules/Rule Flow) table has two control states: Published and Pending. The state can be set on every version of the rule separately.

Decision tables and scripting rules are in Published state when created, but Rule Flow are in Pending state as well as all newly created versions and all imported rules.

Published state

Rule in Published state is ready for production and is available via Solver API.


Pending state

Some rules or versions of rules are not yet ready for production. For example, because the rule is still in development. Such a rule has a "Pending" status and it cannot be accessed using Solver API. When trying to solve such a rule, Solver API returns the following HTTP request error:

400 Bad Request
  "error": {
    "message": "Rule state is not published"

For the purpose of testing your rules and their versions that are not yet in production, you can use the Debug in Test Bench to solve the rule even if it is in the "Pending" state.


How to change the rule state

The state can be changed in rule detail by clicking on "State". The rule must be saved to apply the changes made on the state.

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