Single Sign-On (SSO)

How to Login to DecisionRules using Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your organization has the single sign-on (SSO) option enabled, on the Login page click on the “SSO” link at the bottom.

Next, provide your email address with the SSO of your organization.

Enter your corporate email. You will be redirected to your provider's webpage to enter your credentials - Username and Password. After you have successfully entered them and logged in, will be redirected back to DecisionRules on your Dashboard.

If you already have an account with corporate email, and the provider is in our database, there will be no change for you.

Is the single sign-on feature available for all customers?

The single sign-on feature (SSO) is available for on-premise, private cloud and public cloud (large and higher) also for the current plans. To enable SSO for your organization, go to organization settings.

What Identity Providers (IdP) does DecisionRules support?

DecisionRules SSO works with all Identity Providers that support the SAML 2.0 protocol.

  • Microsoft Azure AD

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • Ping Identity

How do I set up a single sign-on access for my organization?

The users can not set up the SSO by themselves, we need to add the underlying information into the database to make the SSO work.

For on-premise, you can refer to the guide.


domain/ SSO name

domain in the email address - has to be unique


identity provider entry point


issuer string to supply to IdP

callBackUrl / Reply URL

It is the URL that which provider call with the callback. Need to be set up on the provider. Something like:



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