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Rule Versioning
*Applies to all Rule types - Decision Rules, Scripting Rules and Rule Flows.

Manage rule versions

Creating new version

A new version of the rule can be created either by clicking on
button in the Rule Settings.
The button creates a new version of the decision table with the same Rule Id as the selected rule and sets the version to 1 greater than the maximal version. The new decision table has the same structure as the selected rule.
By creating a new version of a rule the Rule ID remains the same, only the version is changing. To call the certain version of the rule we use /:ruleId/:version

Rule versions

When you are in the list of rules, you can see all rules you have in your space. If your rule has more than one version, the latest one is shown. For example, the Sample rule has 4 versions. That's why version 4 is shown.
If you want to see all the versions click on
the versions of the rules that will show up.