Rule Versioning

*Applies to all Rule types - Decision Tables, Decision Trees, Scripting Rules and Rule Flows.

Manage rule versions

Creating new version

A new version of the rule can be created either by clicking on the New Version button in the Folder manager, the Bussiness Rules tab or in a rule's settings.

The button creates a new version of the decision table with the same Rule Id and Rule alias as the selected rule and sets the version to 1 greater than the latest version. The new decision table has the same structure as the selected rule.

Creating a new version doesn't change the rule's id or alias. To call the certain version of the rule we use /:ruleId/:version

Rule versions

When you are in the list of rules, you can see all rules you have in your space. If your rule has more than one version, the latest one is shown. For example, the Branching tree has 3 versions. That's why version 3 is shown.

Rule versions behave as if they were separate rules except for their equivalence in ruleId, alias and name.

So if you wish to create a new version of a rule, simply GET the rule and manually change the rule version to the desired number. Then POST the rule to create it.

To manually change the rule version, find the attribute titled "version"in the response bodyand change it's value.

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