Export Rule Flow

Exporting a Rule

First, make sure you're logged in and navigate to the Bussiness Rules category on the sidebar.

To access the Export window either:

  • Right-click on the rule you wish to export in the Folders manager, then select Export.

  • Find the rule you wish to export in the list of rules in the Bussiness Rules tab on the sidebar.


  • Navigate to the rule you wish to export and into it's settings, then click on Export in the top right corner. (Image 2)

You will be prompted with the following window.

For Rule Flows, the only format option is JSON.

Click on the Export button under your selected format and a file containing your rule will be downloaded.

When exporting a Rule Flow, every other Rule used within the Rule Flow is exported as well, within the same file.

Export of Rule Flow with another nested Rule Flow is not allowed.

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